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“I could not be happier with this work product. It is excellent.”

David Cummins, Senior Vice President, Serco Inc.

When a client engages growth[period], the first step is to closely examine the client's existing status in the market and current capabilities, then create a strategic go-to-market plan for addressing each relevant vertical.  We begin by matching their core competencies with corresponding market areas and identifying the upcoming opportunities with customers in each space.  Next, we look at lateral markets to determine where performance on one opportunity might cross over and be helpful for winning another opportunity.  growth[period] will also regularly bring to the client's attention early stage opportunities which could be of interest.

Our outstanding research staff works continually to provide our clients with recently-released RFPs, RFIs and other forms of contract or funding opportunities.  We'll ensure that the client is kept up-to-date with industry contracting news and throughout the length of our relationship, we'll make them aware of all opportunities within their current market space.  Additionally, we pride ourselves on our ability to innovatively identify opportunities in whitespace markets and we'll proactively point clients in new directions to explore new applications for their products, services or technologies.  From IDIQ vehicles to sole source contract awards, we've been able to consistently provide clients with high probability of win opportunities and help them follow through to see a return on invested capital.



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