June 2016: growth[period] is pleased to announce that Gregory Scovel, a distinguished executive with over 30 years of experience in the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), has joined our board of Strategic Client Advisors.  Mr. Scovel was a member of the NCIS Executive Staff and the Senior Executive Service (SES), and was instrumental in transforming the Service from a reactive to a proactive and progressive agency.  He has a significant record of success in the areas of counterintelligence, combating terrorism, law enforcement, cyber operations, risk assessments, and threat analysis.

Most recently, Mr. Scovel served as Acting Director of NCIS, during which time he oversaw over 2,700 civilian and military personnel with a presence in 41 countries.  In this capacity, he served as the senior Department of the Navy (DoN) official responsible for criminal, counterintelligence, and counterterrorism investigations and related operations.  His other positions at NCIS have included Deputy Director for Operations, Executive Assistant Director for Counterintelligence, and Executive Assistant Director for Criminal Investigations.   Mr. Scovel also served as a Naval Reserve Intelligence Officer.