Ansley Jones Colby Joins growth[period] as a Principal

June 2016 – Ms. Ansley Jones Colby joins growth[period] from Atlanta as a Principal.  Ms. Colby has extensive experience with public, government, and media affairs, and has been featured in the Atlanta Business Chronicles’ “40 Under 40” list.  Prior to joining growth[period], Ms. Colby worked in the nonprofit and private sectors, where she advised top executives on stakeholder engagement strategies and advocacy initiatives.  Ms. Colby served President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore in various roles during the 1992 and 1996 Presidential campaigns, and held senior positions within the Administration, including Senior Advisor and Director of Public Liaison for the Vice President.  She also served as the Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Army, where she spearheaded political, legislative, and communications agendas, and as Deputy Regional Political Director for the Democratic National Committee.