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Fostering creative partnerships across markets and targeting new opportunities for growth that take advantage of your strengths.

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Our business development experts pursue unique strategies to drive growth for our clients. We provide years of experience, coupled with extensive market research and a flair for innovation, to help our commercial clients find exciting partners and leverage their core strengths in new ways.

Our expertise in the sports, entertainment, and hospitality field has produced many innovative and creative opportunities for our clients. growth[period] has worked to partner clients offering real-time motion tracking technology with major sporting organizations like NASCAR and the NFL to provide previously unseen data and statistics to those industries, enhancing the fan experience and demonstrating new uses for existing technologies. We have worked with clients in smart sports apparel and performance food to explore the future of those markets, providing extensive diligence and industry research.



Delivering quality and quantifiable performance to our clients.


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  • RFID
  • Specialty Apparel & Retail
  • Media & Telecom
  • Lifestyle Foods
  • Event Security
  • Gaming
  • Fantasy Sports
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